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Founded in February 2006, The Passionate Critters Critique Group has remained true to the core belief that writers need writers.

A small and dedicated group, every member strives to offer support through encouraging posts, brainstorming, and critiques that are constructive. We share industry news, marketing and promotion techniques and nurture the writing spirit on a daily basis.

This is a forum based group.

We don't often take new members, but if you'd like to drop us an email to be considered for when we have an opening, please consider the following first:

(1) We ask for a one chapter critique per week.

(2) We expect to get to know you and for you to get to know us. We brainstorm, critique and talk writing in our private forum and it is MANDATORY that you post to the group several times a month. Just doing critiques and submitting your own work and never socializing with our members is a quick way to be deleted from the group. 
** Please don't apply if you cannot be part of our team.**

(3) We are a democracy. When we admit a new member to our group, it is done through a group vote, sometimes it comes down to a balance of the romance genres represented in the group at the time.

(4) Don't let our size scare you. We're small enough to be a family but big enough that everyone gets the attention they need for their work!

If you're looking for a critique group to call home and want to be considered for our group, email us HERE with the following information:

(1) Name (if you have any social media like a website, twitter, facebook, etc. feel free to include it)
(2) Target Genre or Publisher
(3) Are you published? Self-published? Have an agent?
(4) Have you completed at least one manuscript?
(5) Writing strengths
(6) Writing weaknesses
(7) Why are you looking for a critique group?
(8) What type of critique partner do you think you are?
(9) What type of critiques do you like to give and receive?

(10) Please include a 3 page writing sample of your latest WIP.

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