Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Are you embarrassed?

I have a 13 and a 12 and an 8 year old...
Embarrassment seemed to be a hot topic this morning.
First, we all saw this video on Facebook:


And my oldest thought that would be embarrassing... what?!

A sweet little four year isn't going to be embarassed! Also, my two year old watched this awesome video about 20 times this morning. She LOVED it. BTW, let's all be awesome today...and do everything better.

Then on the way to school my son talked about how it would be embarrassing to hug his sister in ten years. I told him that in ten years, she would be 12 and he would be 22. [ack. heart attack!] He would NOT be embarrassed to hug his sister when he was 22. And she would probably secretly love it...and be embarrassed.

My point is... their perception of life is so narrow. So specific and staunch even. They don't see outside of their view. It's eye-opening... I need to read a Middle Grade book. Any recommendations?

I begin to wonder if they are accurate. How can we write a character arc...at that age? Where does it go? From embarrassed to embarrassed? I'm very curious now... Hm.

What about you? Have you read a good middle grade character? I did once...but honestly, middle grade doesn't show up too often in the books I read. One, in The Villa, by Nora Roberts. And yes, she did a fine job with those characters. They were often embarrassed. LOL

Enjoy the day!
With Love,


  1. I love that video. She's so cute! I can't think of a single middle grade character in anything I've read recently...

  2. Nothing wrong with a positive outlook. Middle grade characters? I wish I could say I've read a book lately--any kind of character.

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    An A to Z Co-host blog

  3. Love that little girl. :)
    Hope she stays like that forever.
    As for embarrassed...I don't have kids, but we have a 4 year old next door and he can swing from one extreme to the other. :)
    And back again. Inside of 3 seconds.
    It's an eyeopener, and sometimes I wish I could still be so carefree.
    They do have their own language which adults no longer understand.
    Apparently a teenager's brain is *completely* different to an adult's and there is no way we can understand them -- because our brains no longer work the same way.
    I'd like to think mine still does a little bit, because I don't seem to have as many problems with teenagers as other adults.
    Maybe being a geek helps lol.