Monday, January 14, 2013

Rewards or Vices?

When faced with a job to do, everyone has a different method to get them to the finish line.

It's no different with writing a novel.

Sure, as a writer I love what I do - but that doesn't mean getting to the end is any less of a job than clocking in at an office. I still have a deadline. I still have daily goals.

Today's question isn't about the method we choose to get the work done.

The question today is:

"Do you choose a reward for the end of a particular goal? Or do you choose a vice to get you TO the goal?"


Perhaps you take the Hemmingway approach and toss back a stiff drink before you sit down to write, as you're writing, and then toast the end of your writing day with a celebratory shot.

Or maybe you've got candy bars stashed away in a drawer that only come out when you finish a chapter or reach a particular word goal.

I think I'm more of a hybrid.

I drink coffee whenever I'm at my desk, it doesn't matter what time of day or night it is. During the afternoon I pop JellyBelly jelly beans as I write (my current favorites are Cotton Candy and Buttered Popcorn, just in case you were dying to know!) And I have a stash of Lindt Chocolate Truffles in my desk drawer for when I finish a chapter.

I am also considering treating myself to a massage at a local day spa when I actually type "The End" on my latest WIP.

Vice, reward or a little of both? Tell me your secrets...hahahaha


  1. Um, I would just eat that chocolate anytime... I have no discipline! :D I suppose that means I don't react well to rewards or vices.

    Unless someone is holding that reward for me. Gone! :D Something bigger, though. Like your spa treatment. There's an idea. I should do that!

  2. I usually don't let myself back online until I've finsihed a writing goal. I guess that's a little bit of BOTH. LOL

  3. Vice - I need a snack at my desk when I'm writing. I also need the space heater on my feet. It's a weird vice, but I can't concentrate when my toes are cold. :)

  4. Jelly Bellys are my go to vice when I type The End. It's the only time I can have them because I will eat the whole bag. :)

    I have to stay offline to get anything written. Pinterest kills me. I can spend hours on there.

  5. I'm like Jennifer - I allow myself some online time when I've finished a goal - usually editing a chapter or a 1000 words.

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