Thursday, December 27, 2012

Your 2013 Agenda?

Oh no!

It's that time of year again.

That time of year when you sit down and crack open a new calendar, or a new daily planner, and begin the process of planning out the new year.

I've never been good at "new year's resolutions." Probably because I always tend to think those resolutions need to be BIG and life changing. Maybe that doesn't have to be the case.

This year I'm going for small and consistent.  Saying I'm going to write at least one page every day is much less daunting on my daily schedule than writing in big bold numbers five thousand words a day...that's way too scary for me to see first thing in the morning!

I've got a few small goals I'd like to achieve, like walking a mile every day and taming some of my pack-rat ways by tossing out unnecessary papers.

I've also got some pretty big goals that I KNOW aren't going to happen if I don't pay attention to them every day, but I've made the decision to put them on my agenda in a way that I can work with. No big bold letters at the top that increase my stress and guilt - but more breaking them down into smaller bite-size chunks.

Rome wasn't built in a day, novels don't get written in a day either.

Over the next few days as I put up my new calendars and start writing my goals and my daily schedules for the coming months, I plan to keep a few things in mind:

(1) The most important things to me get on the calendar first - which means anything relating to my family takes top billing.

(2) I've figured out how long the books I've got planned for this year will be and I've broken them down into small (very achievable) chunks to be put on my agenda (if I do more, then I'm ahead of the game and that's a WIN!)

(3) At the bottom of every day on my agenda I've got two lists - a "must-do" task list and a "bonus" list - both these lists keep me accountable for the daily chores and the extra feel-good achievements that are personal to me.

Whether you do resolutions or goals for the coming year, I think at least having a plan of action is a good start. What's your plan of attack as we get ready to ring in 2013?


  1. Great post! I'm still considering my goals, but maybe - looking at the date - it's about time I came to some decisions and actually got them down. They can always change later!

  2. Hmmm. Now you've all got me thinking. Maybe I should try coming up with a plan this year.

  3. Great plan, Deb.
    I made my plans for this year based on mss I want to finish or start. Since all but two are novella length, I've set up a monthly schedule...anyhoo, you've seen it. :)

    Looking at my schedule though, I can see that my main goal is to work on staying focused and disciplined. I've always had such an issue with discipline. It's why I've never home-schooled my kids. But i'm working on it, finding a niche in my personal life for it.

    The need/drive for success is really strong this year.

  4. Deb, I'm in the same boat. Lots more planning this year than last.

    Loved the idea of must do and bonus lists. I think I'll add those too. Thanks!

  5. Some great ideas. I try not to make resolutions, but agenda items, now that is less intimidating. I like your plan of attack for stated goals and think it sounds good enough to try. Thanks for the tips.