Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Holidays Make Zombies

I'm certain of this. As we run around like mad men and women trying to get our hands on the gifts of the moment, we sometimes end up forgoing sleep. As I have lil zombies of my own, who were blessed enough to come into the world a week prior to Christmas, this creates a more harried and sleepless month. Add to that the fact that a bunch of us here in PC-land just plowed through NaNoWriMo and that we are nearing the end of the world (if you believe in all that stuff) and well... you can begin to see why zombie-ism is at an all time high. The pieces start to click and a peppermint martini becomes a necessity either hasten the zombie epidemic or to keep it at bay (really all in how you look at it).

Somewhere along the way, I think we've managed to lose the real spirit of the season. The holiday season was always about spending time with family and friends. It was about tradition. That was how we grew up. I'm thankful for those traditions because while the rest of the month may fly by with me feeling like I belong as an extra in the Walking Dead, things like my family's Christmas Eve Open House allow me the chance to breathe. To remember and appreciate what the holidays really mean. It's not the gifts (though finding that perfect gift that makes someone's eyes light up is quite thrilling). It's not the fat man in the red suit (though my Santa is a hot shirtless man in the red pants and boots). It's not the fight on Black Friday to beat out the little old lady for the last iPod on the shelf.

If I learned nothing over the years of my bah-humbug grinchiness, it is that zombie or not, the holidays should not be filled with stress. We need to focus on the more important aspects of the holiday. Spend some time with family and friends. Maybe forget the gifts and invite your best friend and husband over for dinner. It doesn't have to be fancy or over the top. It's the company, the togetherness, and the sense that we just aren't going through the motions that is important. That being said, I'm going to get busy doing just that (and I'm going to do it now before the apocalypse comes and we are fighting off hoards of the undead). Have a great holiday everyone!

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