Monday, September 17, 2012

Drop and give me 15!

No - I'm not talking about push-ups!

I'm talking writing time. You know, those minutes that tick by while you're imagining just the right word or scene? The minutes that seem to disappear into cyber-space playing Facebook games or tweeting that you're going to start writing now, and then don't? Truth is, we don't get those moments back. And if you're too busy filling in your planner and to-do lists and never actually sitting you butt in the chair and placing your fingers on the keyboard, well, you're not making progress on your WIP - are you?

Over the past week, inside the Passionate Critters forum, we've been going over ways to be more productive. Ways to be more motivated to get those words on the page. And yes, ways to keep some of us (cough, cough) from procrastinating online.This is pretty much a September and January ritual with us!

So, this week I self-appointed myself as "keeper of the challenge whip" and I've challenged the girls to a "15x2" daily writing challenge. Surprisingly, there wasn't a whole lot of complaining or whining. I guess we were all due for a writing challenge.

Want to play along at home?

The rules are simple:

(1) Find 15 minutes in your daily schedule to write - twice. (Get up 15 minutes earlier and stay up 15 minutes later at night if you have too - really 15 minutes isn't too extreme!)

(2) No editing during that 15 minutes.

(3) No plotting during that 15 minutes.

(4) No spacing out - you MUST write for your 15 minutes!

Watch your word count go up, up, UP!

Of course, you're free to write at other times, your free to edit to your hearts content when that 15 minutes is up - but the idea is to let yourself go and write what's in your head for that uninterrupted 15 minutes - twice a day.

All it takes is a little commitment, a little dedication.

When you're done, if you think 15 push-ups is still called for - then please do 15 for me, because the thought of doing a push-up brings back High School nightmares that I'd rather NOT repeat anytime soon!

Happy writing!


  1. Yay! Of course I didn't commit to the 15 min challenge. Been working through the 1k1hr gauntlet thrown down by a friend of mine. So I avoided the 15min thread completely in our inner sanctuary. I guess I should get aboard if 15 mins of that counts...

  2. LOL! I love this and I'm starting tomorrow!

  3. I'm doing it, but I failed yesterday. Got too busy. :)
    However, for anyone who is doing it, and needs a little timer...
    Try this one. Small, simple. Free. :)

  4. Aw,man! I thought editing counted. Ok. Start overs. I'll work on the next chapter today before I do anything else!

  5. NEW words...girls! You're looking for new words to move forward on your WIP. 15 minutes, that's it. I know you can find it in your day somewhere.
    Keep the faith - like the commercial says, "You're worth it!"

  6. This is the perfect challenge. It is amazing how much we can accomplish in just fifteen minutes. I am probably the worst procrastinator when it comes to writing. If I have less than half an hour to devote to writing, I find myself doing something else and justifying it by saying that I wouldn't have enough time to get anything productive done. I just set the timer for fifteen minutes and actually worked on my manuscript before leaving this comment and I am pleased with what I wrote. I am also the worst about checking messages, hopping from blog to blog to blog... when I should be writing. Thanks for this motivating and easy to accomplish challenge.

    1. Melissa, I'm so glad this worked for you - it works for me for the exact same reason! 15 Minutes isn't an eternity and I can hold of the kids or the dishes or just about anything for a mere 15 minutes of writing time. :)

  7. Well since I have some rug washing to do (dirty pony!), I'll take the Mini to the launderette (I don't have a washing machine big enough for Oz's rugs) and work there while I wait for them to finish. :)