Thursday, September 6, 2012

A look in the mirror

When I saw a post in the forum about whining, I instantly worried that I was about to be called out.

STOP WHINING! They'd all be yelling at me...and with every right, too.

I've had to really stop and think because I've become one of the thousands of writers who has lost ALOT of data. ALOT. Way more than I should be willing to admit. I had no backup going on. I'd had it in the past, but I'd gotten lazy. And in that moment of weakness, I lost everything I've been working on this year.

Wow. That's humbling. It's frustrating...and it's eye-opening.

It also puts me in a position to question where I'm going and if I want to change direction. But mostly, it makes me want to look through Entangled's Wish List or Submission Call and actually START something new. Maybe something for their Flirt line or their Bliss line. I could get something going now...

Perhaps this is a good year to really DO National Novel Writing Month, not just play at it.

A revisit to my not-YA Time Travel....
I was really excited about that when I started it.
What happened there??? :P I guess I got distracted.

What I'm saying is... I've been whining.
I needed a look in the mirror.
The chance to question direction should happen everyday.
Sometimes, as writers, we get in a rut!
Pull out! Stop the horses...

That's what I'm trying to do now.
How about you? What do you do when you're stuck in a rut?


  1. I whine. :P
    I procrastinate. (Notice I'm posting here...)
    I start something new. (When I shouldn't!)

    But what really saves me, and calms me my horse. Honestly, I don't know what I would do without him. He puts everything into perspective.
    To him, only food, drink, (horsey) company and stretching his legs are important. (And the occasional ear scratching session.)
    If I get there and I'm wound up -- he'll tell me by hopping around like a looney. "Hey! Stop bouncing off the walls, I don't like it!"
    I calm down -- he calms down.
    So it's deep breaths, deeeeep breaths. Calm, calm, calm.
    And suddenly all is right with the world.
    (Plus, I can whine at him all day long. He doesn't care, but he listens lol.)

  2. We all whine, and sometimes it's a necessary evil - helps purge the negativity and reaffirm the positive.
    Yes, I procrastinate.
    Yes, I get distracted.
    Sometimes the journey changes - so maybe this is a sign to take a detour and check out something new.
    Good luck - just keep moving forward and you'll be great!

  3. If I ever get stuck in a rut, I go out and do something completely out of the ordinary - like go someplace I've never been.

  4. I think my trouble is - my whole life is a bit of a rut - but I actually quite like it down here. I sometimes worry that I need shaking up, but maybe tomorrow...
    Writing wise - I think you're right - do something different, start something new.
    I'm planning on doing nano this year - so if you need company...