Thursday, August 30, 2012

What sort of Series…

This week, Enchantment and Exiled, books 3 and 4 of my Laws of Segregation series come out. That’s the end of the series, and I’m feeling sort of sad—I’ve never actually finished a series before. What’s going to happen to my characters without me?
I love reading series—that wonderful feeling you get when you really enjoy a book and you know there are a whole load more to come. I love falling in love with characters and knowing I’m going to meet them again. And getting immersed in a world and knowing I’ll get to visit over and over and no doubt learn new little details each time.
I also love writing series. I never actually start out with the intention of writing more than one book, but somehow it often seems to happen that way. I fall in love with a secondary character and want to know their story. Or I can’t bear the thought of saying goodbye to my hero and heroine—I need to know what happens to them—I want proof they are actually living their happily ever after. I also tend to see individual books as a snapshot in time, and there are things going on either side of the beginning and the end that I just have to know about—I’m nosy!
So I have to write another book—it’s a compulsion.
There are many different types of series. Some follow one character through a number of adventures, like Patricia Briggs’s Mercy Thompson series (one of my favorites). Others follow a group of characters through one big adventure like in The Lord of the Rings or Anne Bishop’s Black Jewel Trilogy (another of my favorites). Then there are the true romance books that feature the same world and the same cast of characters but each book focuses on one particular love story, for example J.R. Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood.
I like them all, depending on the mood I'm in. But I write romance, so each book within my series centers around a particular couple, and each one has a ‘happy ever after’ ending. Though my Laws of Segregation is a bit of a mix, the individual books have a different romance, but with a single underlying story running through the whole series.
So what type of series do you like the best? Or do you prefer stand-alone books? Leave a comment and let me know for a chance to win an ecopy of Chosen, book 1 in the Laws of Segregation.


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  1. I like both linked and follow on series, though I prefer close POV stories to ensemble pieces.

  2. I LOVE series, Nina.
    I prefer the romance version, same world--different couple.
    Typically, I claim to not like single character types, but I have read every original Dirk Pitt novel written by Clive, i guess it just depends on the writer and my mood. :D

  3. I love series. Whether each can stand independently or each book builds on top of one another, I find books that are connected fascinating. It helps the world become more real and if the world building is done well, I jump at the chance to spend more time there.

  4. I do love a series, but some series do need to be wrapped up before they become repetitive. (Christine Feehan, Carpathians cough cough)
    I stopped reading some, and keep getting pulled into others.
    The thing is, when it's done well, it works. When it's just a rehash... I get bored.
    See, I won't read J.R. Wards Black Dagger series -- because I can't stand the names. I tried. Not for me. Can't get past the names.
    Writing them... Howl was never intended to be the beginning of a series. And really, it still isn't. Watch Me is a "sort of" sequel, but the publisher insisted it gets a series tag.
    There's a third one, but it still only makes it a trilogy, not a series. I doubt it'll go beyond that.
    A series does take some planning, and world building is important for consistency. Without it you just make it harder to follow, and easier to trip up somewhere.
    As my fellow critters know, I do have a series...but I actually had to sit down and write the first book before I can kick it out there. :)
    It' progress. :)

  5. I definitely love reading a series of characters. I think some of it could be the familiarity of characters. I almost always hate to read the last one...almost like the family is growing up and moving away. LOL.

  6. I'm partial to series that share a town or a family, I do love that familiarity of falling back into a place (and or time) that I love.
    It's always sad when the series ends and you have to say goodbye to a loved group of "friends."