Friday, August 24, 2012

Location, Location, Location!

I can't help but need things to motivate me. It's a weakness, I think. As if success isn't enough to make me do the work.

Perhaps I'm delusional, but I like to think that if I have the perfect spot, then I will write the perfect manuscript. haha. Okay, that IS delusional. But I've been stuck in a very small [wonderful apartment] for a month and a half and I'm CRAVING a writing space. Lately, I've been fortunate enough to be able to snatch an hour or so on the deck after everyone is asleep. Unfortunately, I can't be inside with lights on after nine [yes, that's how small it is and how early my hubby goes to bed]...even the tapping of keys can be annoying to a person who is trying to get to sleep!!

As writers, I think we all imagine the perfect office, the ideal desk and chair...a window, looking out to the mountains where a stream makes it way through the large pine trees and wildflowers grow along the bank...a deer makes its way to the edge of the water and sips a few times. There goes a hiker, tall, dark... tight jeans, flannel shirt and a hat, low over his face to protect him from a long day under the sun. His dog trots along beside him, a German, it's a Labrador. They stand back to watch the deer a minute before continuing on...

*cough* Excuse me. My imagination, running from me. Still that would be nice, don't you think? No??

What's your dream window look out over? The ocean? The desert? A busy street in Manhattan?

Have a great weekend.
Find time to write.
With Love,

For Love or Duty
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  1. Definitely more a mountain scene girl rather than a beach girl, but I do love the crash of the waves against the sand...*sigh*
    Hope you find your ideal writing space (and can write past 9pm) soon!

  2. I'm actually thinking of moving my office to a room without a window - they are way too distracting!

  3. I'd love to be on a ranch deep in the heart of Montana, surrounded by mountains topped with snow. A river running in front of the cabin as I tap away to my little heart's content. No pressure, no worries... *sigh* A girl can dream, can't she?!